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Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:15
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Reflection ReportIntroductionThis reflective paper will analyze the self-assessment in group activities and the collaboration within team members in order to evaluate effectiveness of the team work. This also describes the process of our teamwork, how we approached the coursework objectives and the way we applied what we have learned in this module. The basis of this report is help me to identify the difficulties that have occurred during teamwork and the correct way of overcoming those. What is teamwork?In order to work effectively and achieve the target, it is essential to understand the definition of Teamwork. Teamwork is an activity performed by several individuals, aimed at achieving one main objective. At the beginning, we discussed about the main objective of this coursework, it is about the case study of Tesco plc. Our group activities is presentation, we have nearly 5 weeks for preparation. In class, we were asked to watch a video of BBC News – Trouble at Tesco and discussed what happens to Tesco with team members. We analyzed the video together and divided work within group to do own research at home. In first 2 weeks I do my own research about the Tesco, I read some recent news and try to understand the current situation of Tesco. After each week, I have learned new theory of business and finance from lecture with case study. Based on case study, our group would present our reflective learning each week, it also help us practice to improve the teamwork participation and the presentation skill to be more confidence in week 7. In week 4, we started to visualize what we would do in presentation. We decided to divide the presentation into 3 parts for 3 members respectively. I took the first part which is Introduction, time line of Tesco for 5 years, analyze the main problem of Tesco and External analysis (PESTLE, SWTO analysis, Industry life cycle) of Tesco using methods and theory from lecture of week 3. I also need to research about the history and specific occurrence about Tesco for over 5 year recently to make the timeline. The others members did the last 2 part about Internal factors, researched and evaluation, recommendation and conclusion. After finished personal part, I sent my slide to team leader, she collected all the members’ slide and transferred it into the main power point. The participation and difficulties during teamwork.Our group recently contact each other by mobile phone, we always keep in touch when team members have a problem or discussing needed about the group work. Sometime we have a meeting in library to work together, we watched the video again and again a lot of time to figure out the serious trouble of Tesco exactly. All team members joined and contributed to support each other idea, each member would build their own visionary and opinion, but the most importance thing is we all listen others and try to make the right decision toward the main objective that is the effective of teamwork. After finished personal part, our team met in library and discussed about the content and how to present the power point impressive and reasonable. When all team members agree with the work, we finished the power point and starting prepare the speech and practice for presentation.

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