Tentative Education Plan

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:29
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Prior to beginning any education process, every student should have a laid out plan that they want to follow. Yes, I do think this assignment will benefit me before completing my desired degree. When I first graduated from high school all I knew was that I wanted to achieve a degree in nursing. I first attended University of Washington Bothell and did not have an education plan. It was not until I enrolled in Cascadia Community College in 2012 did I meet with an advisor to plan out my education. By meeting with that advisor I found it to be very beneficial. It relieved me of the stress of not knowing what classes I needed to enroll in each quarter.
I have been at Cascadia for multiple quarters now and I am currently in my last quarter. I met with Norm Wright back in 2012, I do not remember the exact date or time of the meeting.
During my appointment with Mr. Wright we discussed and planned out my Tentative Education Plan. Prior to attending that meeting I did not know what to expect, so I had planned ahead and wrote down the classes the were required for my specific degree in nursing. Mr. Wright was impressed, he said, "you already did all the hard work". He helped me by telling me which classes I needed to take each quarter. He also provided me with a list of universities that I would be able to apply to once I completed all the necessary courses.
From my meeting with Mr. Wright I learned that with the correct motivation and focus I could complete my degree in no time. I had a large amount of stress built up from not knowing what classes I needed to take and when, I was surprised that all that stress was gone once I left his office. Overall, nothing in that meeting fully surprised me. I was already aware of all the science and other courses I would need to complete.

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