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Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:46
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Now a day's mobile phone is the most effective and efficient medium for one to one communication. The number of cell phone users is increasing day by day. Among all the users of cell phone, students are a big portion. This report is focused on how students are using cell phone through different aspect in their daily life.

Purpose of the survey
Our main purpose of the survey is "Attitudes towards Cell Phone Uses by Students". In addition how students are involved into their daily life by using cell phone as their communication. However students have to choose a telecommunication network through which they can communicate with others. Therefore, our survey has indentified the student's preference to choose a telecom network from the available option in the market.

Background of the survey
After doing our survey it is found that majority students of universities are currently using AIRTEL network. The reason behind using this network is basically the call rate which Airtel offers. In addition, there are many things Airtel is providing along with the cheaper call rate, such as free minutes, free SMS and so on. Students are getting attracted by the offer provided by Airtel.
Our research is prepared on the basis of field survey. We have made a questionnaire through which we have collected our required information from the students.
We have collected bunch of information from the respondent regarding our survey. The data we have collected it is basically primary data collection. This information was not published in any article or other report. We have collected our information from 120 respondents from the top universities in Dhaka: Dhaka University, Independent University, Bangladesh, North South University, American International University of Bangladesh, Brac University and East West University.
Data Collection
There are many difficulties we had to face during data collection. We cannot collect much information because of short time and when we went to the dealers and local shops for information they refused to give any information and showed that they are busy all day long.

Comparison with others
The report is focused on university students and all the data being collected are from university students. Though it is important to make comparison with people of other profession so that the report would have been more effective but time shortage was the problem otherwise it would have been a very good opportunity for us.

Telecommunication Network and its Trend

In Bangladesh the number of cell phone users are increasing day by day and among these people student is a major part. There are many telecommunication network companies in Bangladesh and they always keep trying to capture the market. So that telecom network companies one of the major focus is to attract the youth group of people.

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