Telecom Industry Philippines

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:44
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The Philippines has one of the most dynamic Telecom Industry stories. Growth in consumer usage and ICT Services advancement has led to the growth of the industry.

Snapshot of Mobile Communications

The total number of mobile subscribers has increased several folds since the last decade, where to date, we have a total of (QOUTE HOW MANY AS PER RECENT SURVEY). This growth is due to the industry's creative prepaid packages where there can be prepaid usage ranging from 1PHP and above (through Pasaload, Autoload, Unliload, Flexloads) of which helped penetrate mid to lower markets. Postpaid subscription is also shown to be gaining grounds where the unlimited plans have been implemented by the industry's major players.

Usage of SMS was key to the increase in the number of mobile communications usage. From the last decade up to date, it is still the dominant means of communication (show figures from Sun Cellular on how much usage per type of service is there SMS, Voice, Mobile Net).

There has been recent developments on inter network communication where in the past, it was relatively expensive to communicate to other networks. Nowadays there are flexible means of communicating such as All Net plans which further maintained the number of users of SMS and Voice.

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