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Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:06
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Technology has changed throught out history in the past years, making huge technological break throughs improving the lifes of many individuals, the advancement of technology has better improved our vision of many diseases, and the cure to stop the spread immediately. Thanks to technology we can further improve our world for the better, possibly put a stop to diseases like cancer, and autism. That would be the day, but it is not to far from the horizon we can stive to become better and make our dreams come true through technology, just as long as we dont go to over board and exceed our limits, technology is not all good as you may think... One mistake of a chemical or a mistake in programming could mean the end of humanity as we know it. Be careful with your advancements keep technology clean and safe. We have plenty to look foward to in the near future that is not impossible to achieve, maybe even a better means of space travel, faster, more fuel efficient, a space craft that allows us to travel to the many different planets we found outside of our solar system would'nt that be great? Truly the possibilities are endless to what we can come up with and create, either our future will be brigt and great, full of life, or there will be nothing left but a planet dieing from carnage and destruction. There only two possibilities there is no between. Our future is what we make of it, and it is up to us to furter improve our lifestyles, and help improve planet earth. The direction we are heading in now is grimm, right niw our future is not lookig to well. The reasons being we are miss using the technology we have created and are using them on each other, and the Earth, instead if using technology to help each other we are using technology to destroy. War is our best example, all these break throughs in nuclear bombs, and everything comes down to who has the best weapon and who has the bigger stick. We are killing each other with the technology we created and it is now up to us to put an end to it all, to save every one, and every thing.

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