Technology and Communication

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:03
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Technology and Communication
Carolyn Waddell-Tillman
Professor Kathleen Gaskill

Technology and Communication
How technology affects the communication capabilities of specialized databases in the criminal justice system.
Technology has come a long way, and has been used in various ways within the criminal justice system. Law enforcement and correction officers rely on technology to do their jobs. The office of Science and Technology serves as the national focal point for work on criminal justice technology by providing programs that provide equipment as well as training and technical assistance, also improving the safety and effectiveness of criminal justice technology with access to technology by local, state, and federal enforcement agencies. The mission of the office of science and technology include, but are not limited to maintaining the performance standards for criminal justice technology, it also establishes and conducts a compliance testing program that supports those standards, also carrying out research development testing and evaluation programs that will improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of criminal justice technology (
The Institute for Law and Justice has worked with many state and local criminal justice agencies concerning decision making, strategic planning and impact evaluation of technology acquisition and integration projects. The organizational structure of NIJ is designed so that it will integrate the social and physical sciences to maximize cross-discipline research, development and evaluation. New tools and technologies are not a solution without appropriate policies and practices. Policies and practices must effectively integrate technology (

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