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Tech Adv:
1. Incremental Innovation (after number years, and return, strong and force): tech improves, know how tech works, better know how to control, human resources(related) be smarter. Main point: make customers like it. Sustain: relationship between suppliers and customers.
2. Architectural innovation (): System. Not tech, just put things together. Using existing compo. New opportunity.
3. Radical innovation (scientific discovery, new product concept): entirely new way of doing sth. Something may well replace.
Tech S-Curve:
y-axis represents some measures of the powers of the technology (“Technology Performance Parameter”). Is something fundamental about tech.
x-axis is “time”. It can also depict the cumulative investment in researching development in a slight period.
S-shape start at 0, as tech is pursued usually requiring investment research development, progress is slowly cuz a lot to learn before the tech can be mastered. Rapid, progress well. Further improvements because more difficult. All tech we know are limited somewhere by nature.
Tech entrepreneur will take risk to try out sth dramatically different and will find success in launch a new tech S-curve. 3rd S – Curve.

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