Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:58
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Technology everywhere is very different. It is the basic application of each individuals knowledge which, over long periods of time, has improved and become more vast and intelligent. But when thought about, is this for better or for worse? Although technology has to complete everyday jobs with efficiency could it also be harassing the human life? Also, the complexity that certain areas in the world have achieved have transcended them from the rest of the world. So is technology uniting individuals and nations, or is it becoming a competition for power? The modern world has placed so much reliance on technology that when there is a breakdown, there will be chaos and standstills all over the world. We all live comfortably and have become so used to what we do everyday that we are quickly becoming incapable of doing things on our own. So it definitely enhances the quality of life, but it also brings up new problems that we have to face such as security from hackers, and etc. Technology also brings up new standards in which companies are demanding more from there workers since "computers are so reliable and are quick sources of individual topics." Well, the best coming out of the computer depends on the one using it and therefore i feel that this complicates and harasses life like the way calvins father in Calvin and Hobbes puts it. "Computers dont make life easier, they make life more harassed. Despite social issues surrounding the idea of computers replacing humans, many people would agree that if a job is taken over by a machine that is incapable of independent thought, the job is not suitable for a human being who have the ability to do so.

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