Technological Advancement of Mobile Advertising

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:47
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Assignment 15
There are several advantages to the technological advancement of mobile advertising that were not once present when only traditional advertising on billboards and newspapers existed. While traditional advertising is still used frequently today and is a very significant way of sending a message to consumers about your product or service, they do not fully capture the attention of people as much as mobile advertisements do. Mobile advertisements are everywhere; they follow the consumer from their home to the workplace and to their recreational activities. Traditional advertisement is limited to the exposure by choice of the consumer.
There are two defining differences between mobile advertising and traditional advertising. When individuals use their smart phones and go on apps to play games, stream music, read news, etc., these companies using a mobile platform to advertise their product or service make their advertisement an obstacle for consumers using their apps. Apps will force you to read an advertisement before reading an article or watch a video ad before seeing their video. Companies strategically place advertisements in between songs on music apps and make them a part of games in order to get the user to recognize them more regularly. The significant part about mobile apps is also using location technology to determine the whereabouts of a consumer, and advertising products locally based on their location. So not only are these companies secretly finding ways to force the consumer to watch or participate in their advertisements, but also making sure the product or service is obtainable and convenient for the consumer.

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