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Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:55
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When walking down the street, going to work, or just doing average day to day activities, one will see the amount of "stuff" people carry and how this "stuff" seems to be important to them, maybe even more than it should be. In this century, technology is so much more advance than ever before, which may or may not be the reason for people losing sight of what matters or what use to matter. In weeks article "Burdens of the Modern Beast", he talks about how if you look at a picture from the 1900, you wont see books, cell phones, coffee, backpacks, etc. One might notice a person on the street that is on his or her phone and that is all their focused on; the whole world is completely blocked out of their mind. When there were no cell phones, one had to ask for directions, or what time it was; it kept people interacting with one another. Now, there is GPS and other high tech gadgets that make it possible to not have to interact with anyone throughout the day. In Weeks article, he says, "Perhaps it's because we are multitaskers. Or because we're insecure. Maybe we are becoming more independent. Whatever the reasons, we are more and more burdened by our belongings." Carrying all this stuff, is influencing people to ignore the outside world and sometimes even the ones that matter. Many barely even talk on the phone anymore, but rely on texting to communicate. If there were an earthquake and all service and electricity went out, most people wouldn't know the first thing to do. Society isn't taught anymore to defend for themselves, it is all taken care of through an iphone, GPS, computer, and other advanced technology. It is important to keep connected with society but it is rapidly becoming accepted to ignore all outside communication with anyone.

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