Team Building Strategy

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:24
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Team Strategy
A well-functioning team is always working on two objectives simultaneously: completing tasks and managing processes. Stepping back more than forty years ago to 1965, a valuable model for group development was introduced by a psychology researcher in group dynamics, Bruce Tuckman(Famous Models). Tuckman's model- forming, storming, norming, and performing highlight the growth stages of a group or team. In order to become a high performing team, a group of people must go through these four stages of development.
Forming is the beginning or the initiation of a team. In most cases, a charter is drafted and formal authority is given to a leader. The idea is that in the Forming stage the team comes together, gets to know each other, and begins to work together. When people are brought together as a team for the first time, they are typically very polite and tentative with their communication. Trust is on a "wait and see" basis as people try to figure out exactly what is expected. This stage usually lasts about 1-3 months depending on how often the team meets(Famous Models). Someone looking at the team from an outside perspective may think that this is a real team because of how agreeable people are, but in actuality it isn't; the behavior is superficial. The coach of a Forming stage needs to be directive, teaching the team about what to expect, providing them with the draft of its team charter, helping the team develop its protocols, and requiring them to run their own meetings and rotate star point roles. The foundation of the forming stage is inextricably linked to process management which will lead to task completion. First: a team charter usually has a goal that specifies the reason why the team was formed. Ad hock teams come into existence for a specified duration, complete their work and then disband (Headridge). Standing teams can go on indefinitely. Either way, team management is crucial to producing results.

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