Teaching Vs. Nursing

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:22
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Teaching is a very rewarding occupation. I think one of the biggest rewards are knowing you have the opportunity to increase someone's knowledge and helping to make impact on their life. Not only do you work with students who have diverse backgrounds, you work with the same group of students the entire school year. As an elementary teacher, you are able to teach several subjects throughout the day; whereas, a middle school or high school teacher focuses on one subject everyday and works with a different group of students throughout the day. Teacher's are able to plan their daily activities in advance and can modify the activities when necessary. Teachers are also able to plan and take students on field trips which relate to the material they are covering in class. Lastly, let's not forget the paid holiday and summer vacations.
However, there are downfalls to teaching. Teaching can be a very stressful job. There are the endless mounds of paper and hours of grading papers at home. We all know that every teacher has at least one, if not more, unruly child to deal with all day long everyday. The standards teachers have to teach by are always changing from year to year causing an increase in the teacher's workload. Although a teacher's salary is pretty decent, by no means is it equivalent to what they are truly worth.

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