Teaching English with the Four Skills

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:20
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New Teachers

For all of you out there getting ready for your first year of teaching: don't worry, you're not alone! We have all the tools you need for a great start to your new career in teaching.
August Calendar of Events

The month of August is full of holidays and events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum. Our Educators' Calendar outlines activities for each one, including the Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima (8/6/1945), Friendship Day (8/7), Art Appreciation Day (8/9), Left Hander's Day (8/13), National Aviation Day (8/19), Women's Equality Day (8/26), and Hurricane Katrina Devastates Gulf Coast (8/29/2005). Plus, celebrate Back to School Month, Get Ready for Kindergarten Month, and Inventor's Month and all August long!
Walden University

Let Walden University transform you from a good educator into a great one. Our M.S. in Education, Ed.D. and Ph.D. in Education programs provide the skills you need to be a leader in the 21st-century education market. Our expert faculty and quality curricula set Walden apart. Learn more here.

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