Teachin Language Through Geography

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:15
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Teaching Language through Geography
Geography is one of most popular subjects taught through foreign languages (CLIL) content and language integrated learning.
However, it remains the task of the teacher to make sure the content is not neglected because of the language focus, or that the content delivered is not simplified so much so as to be in order to adapt teaching through a foreign language. It is one of the most frequently selected subjects to be taught in such a way. Its vocabulary is taught anyway during foreign language classes, as topics such as volcanoes or other landforms are popular themes. It also delivers a wide scope of interesting material available through different resources, especially electronic audio visual aid, which can be used for classes.
Teaching geography and languages separately needs specific tools, such as a well designed curriculum, targeted teacher training, and experienced and dedicated teachers with expertise in modern methodology. Besides, skills practiced during classes, testing methods and the expected outcomes are specific for each study area. Last but not least, textbooks are diverse in both cases.
There are many strategies we can use in a geography class that are usually utilized in a language class.
For example
* A teacher may use comprehension passages to teach a specific geographical theme, like climate.

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