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Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:31
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reflection: Week 2 Janice Karishma Lata


In my first week of my practicum I kept myself busy by practicing my teaching skills by doing many art activities with toddlers. This was my first practicum with toddlers. So my goal was that I have do my best and learn different techniques to teach toddlers.As my first week of the practicum i have noticed that the toddler loves to play with blocks,puzzels,cutting papers,colouring,toys,car and playing with play dough and etc.I decided that i will make caterpillar with the toddlers with the egg tray.

In the activity area i called all the children to come and sit on the table and then me and one of my collegue we started cutting the egg tray in 5 row and we asked the kids who wants to do painting and make a caterpiller.so all of them wanted to do painting i got the piants ready in the tray and then we made the kids wear the paint coats and then they started to paint the egg trays with so many types of different colours.i demonstrated simple steps to the children.My activity went well,i had 6-7 children with me doing the activity.me and my collegue we decided to make holes on the caterpillar and make legs for the caterpillar but the the paint was still wet so we decided when it drys we will make the legs...


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