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Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:12
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* Change and unpredictable events are actually predictable
o Terrorist attacks
o Unpredictable Economic down turns
o Saars
o Climate change
* Europe's market share will continue to be largest destination for international tourist arrivals but market share will drop 59% to 45%
* Emerging economy's- china Indonesia russsia india brazil
* Tourism will continue to be sensitive to economic downturns
* Brandification
o Idea that customers prefer brands than not brands
o Hotel marketing- brand of hotel will become more important than destination itself
o Why growing? New hotel projects- in order to finance, the bank will demand that property be associated with brand to give them confidence
o With growing concern of unfamiliar places of safety, branding helps alleviate stress or concerns
* Borderless travel
o Super Europe
o 2004, doubled in geographic size
o Open border policies being loosened up between travel of US, Canada and Mexico
 Also asia
* Environmental trends
o Climate Change and Rising sea level

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