Taska Ria Bestari, Menggatal, Kota Kinabalu - Activitiy of Corporate Social Responbility

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:23
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[pic 1][pic 2]                                                PROPOSALACTIVITIY OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONBILITY SEMESTER 1 2016/2017DATE7 NOVEMBER 2016TIME6.OO A.M - 7.00  P.MPLACETASKA RIA BESTARI, 88450 MENGGATAL, KOTA KINABALUORGANIZEDCORPORATE COMMUNICATION (SECTION 1)COURSE CODE: BT11903WITH COOPERATIONFACULTY OF BUSINESS, ECONOMIC AND ACCOUNTINGPROPOSALPROGRAMME CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYTASKA RIA BESTARI, 88450 MENGGATAL KOTA KINABALUAim        The program is held on hopes of student involvement in community activities and development of soft and programs which represent student concerns and contributions to society. IntrodutionProject of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Taska Ria Bestari, Menggatal, Kota Kinabalu this place are aimed at exposing undergraduates about the values and create a new generation of civic value in itself.Objective Programme3.1 To strengthen the friendship between the students and the community through the sharing of community activities.3.2 Stimulate the child's mind to learning the attractiveness of fun activities.3.3 Share experiences studying at universities with children through guideline spirit.3.4 To produce excellent human generation civic knowledge applied in the future for the country.

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