Target Audience Analysis in the Army

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:37
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Analyst Name:
Date: November 2013
SPO: TA reports criminal/unlawful activities in North Pineland Province.
TA: Males, poor ages 18-25 living in rural Northern Pineland Province.


Desired Behavior: Decrease crime in North Pineland Province.

What degree of power, control, or authority does the TA have in regard to the targeted behavior? The TA has a lot of power/control in regard to the targeted behavior because they are aware of the criminal/unlawful activities that are going on in the Northern Pineland Provinces and could report them. If the TA begins reporting people the crime rates will decrease making it a safer place to live. This gives them a lot of power/control to achieve the desired behavior.

What restrictions affect the TA in regard to the targeted behavior?
The TA is afraid that if they report the criminal/unlawful activities that people will find out and they will be harmed because of this. They believe that the reporting system is not in confidence. If the criminals find out the TA reported them, they will target them in future unlawful activities. This could put TA and their families in danger.

If the TA takes the desired action, what is the overall effect on the SPO?
If the TA commits to doing the desired behavior, the number of reports will rise and the crime rates will begin to decrease. When reports are being made, the law enforcement will be able to charge the criminals for the unlawful acts they have committed. As these criminals are being charged, the crime rate will go down because they are being taken off the street.

RATING: 4 (Effective)


Current Behavior: TA is not reporting criminal/unlawful activities in the North Pineland Province.



(1) TA didn't report crimes because Sir Roland Merrick would not grant amnesty to a citizen involved in the independence movement if they had committed other crimes. (Atlantica- The Concise History, pg.46)
(2) TA knows of other people that reported crimes/unlawful activities being targeted in new crimes. (Newspaper Article, 29 October 2005)
(3) TA fears they will be shunned by North Pineland citizens if they report them. (Survey, 16 February 2005)
(4) TA does not know who to talk to or where to go to report crimes. (SITREP, 03 September 2005)
(5) TA knows that the police force is not strong in numbers. (Recruitment Ad, 31 May 2005)


(6) TA believes that reporting the criminal/unlawful activities will not make a difference in crime rates. (Interview w/TA, 08 July 2005.)
(7) TA believes they will be targeted in future crimes if they report others. (Statement given by local elder, 25 March 2005.)

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