Tanglewood Case Study

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:36
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Tanglewood Case
Assignment 1
Strategic Staffing
November 11, 2012

Case Description /Introduction
Staffing is the selection and training of individuals for specific job functions, and charging them with the associated responsibilities. The goal of staffing strategy is to develop a company with competent individuals. Staffing is one of the Human Resources most essential functions. We live in an environment with a diverse population which opens different doors to legal issues. It is important to keep these issues to a minimum and it is important to adhere to the organizations polices, state and local laws.

Identification of business strategy/goals
Tanglewood's business strategies and goals are focused on providing high quality service to the customers, shareholders, and employees. They will achieve their goals by motivating and developing workforce that will show these values and live by them. Tanglewood stores sell almost the same types of products offered in other stores but they focus on quality, durability of its products and reasonable prices. They want to satisfy the needs and desires of their customers so they offer available in the sores and pick-up location for items ordered online. They also have low-cost shipping arrangements to the benefit of customers.

Staffing Levels
Acquire or Develop Talent
Tanglewood should start by developing talent within the company. The company has an unique strategy to encourage and reward employees. Training existing employees to become managers develop loyalty. The company can send these employees to school and offer to pay a portion of the classes. This can also be used to benefit the companies since it's a benefit offered. The current employees know and understand the company's process, procedures and systems. Helping them advance is an investment and savings, since they won't need to hire new employees which could request a higher salary based on experience. Tanglewood will see their return on investment when younger employees start receiving promotions due to their performance.
Hire Yourself or Outsource
Tangleowod has a mission statement of quality. I will recommend to hire themselves when is for low clerical positions and to outsource in the case of managerial positions, unless an internal applicant can occupied the management position. Also, referring thru employee could save on ads or posting. Employees that are referred generally understand the companies policies and processes by word of the refer employee. Outsource is not recommend to Tanglewood since it might not provide the expected employee. It is best for them to hire directly and screen the employees based on the needs of the store and the mission statement of the company.

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