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Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:35
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I live in a big metropolis system, where the boundary of the Mississippi River is the gate keeper of two major casino boats and rich in industriousness imports. However, I was raise in an urban community of Zion City, a subsystem within the Baton Rouge, LA area. It's a somewhat dense population not to crowd but limit in space. The racial culture was majority black with a few white spreading between the streets, and living standard was poor to middle class. The area housing was adequate affordable ranging from housing authority, renter, and home owner. The dwelling in some area was bunch to cramped, with the homes ranging from new to older structure.
There was an abundant of resources in the area. It was an estimate ten minutes away from a major hospital, two local parks, a fire and police station maybe twenty minutes, fifteen minutes away from a two major malls. The spiritual opportunities was plentiful in the community, religion was of your choice because in my community there was one Catholic, Pentecostal, Full Gospel, Methodist, four Baptists churches in the area. Where the ministries of the churches always gave back homeostasis to the community by providing a food pantry, after school tutoring and I guess you can say it was a form of social services because the residents in the community could go to the different churches for financial assistance whether or not they were a member of that particular congregation.
The ministries was strongly in their input about the community because they would meet once a month with the councilman of our area who was former resident in which, I personal gave the name of Alderman Davis. Because he always resemble the councilman on the television sitcom Good Times, Mr. Kelly would always meet with the citizens in the community and the ministers to show his face but actually he never did follow through with everything that he would promise to see through. So, in reality the elderly citizens and ministers really had to threaten to remove him from his seat before they can see the output of the issue brought in front the councilmen committee.
The ministers also, interface with the elderly citizens in the communities as for a relationship it was good. Because if a individual /individuals during the time that I grow-up in the area commit a crime, and the ministers in the area know the individuals was a part of the crime ; whether it was big or minute they would go to the parent/ parents and be advocate for the parent and the law enforcement. I can truly say the ministries and citizens had a great line of communication, whether the feedback were negative or positive all the citizens in the area was treated fairly without the family members of the offender/offenders being look down at.
Looking back at the citizens that still reside in the communities the differentiation of the community committee has change some not much but of course the entropy standards that once stood out

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