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Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:28
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* HGI is a regionally accredited business.
* HGI has an established reputation for quality childcare.
* HGI has a 30-year proven history of quality in the Central California area.
* HGI has a proven model for a multi-unit day-care system.
* HGI employees are loyal to the company.
* HGI employees have a great deal of experience in childcare.
* HGI's new VP of Human Resources is very experienced.

* HGI has been only located in one geographic area of the state.
* HGI buildings are aged and may need repairs and upgrades.
* HGI's new VP is coming to the company from a complexly different industry.
* HGI lack documentation that could be a problem for the company in case of audit.
* HGI is missing all HR documents.
* HGI has no HR policies and procedures.
* HGI has no universal job training procedures.
* HGI has no job descriptions.

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