Swot Analysis of Aryanz Store Company

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:19
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COMPANY ANALYSISStrengthsThis company sell products at an affordable price to ensure that more customers will buy the product.This company also sell high quality of product and attractive design of product to attract more customer to buy it.It also provide the COD but only the buyer who live in Selangor.Every order process, customer can reach easily through whatsapp or instagram.The employee work from home to minimize the overhead cost for example the utility bills. WeaknessThis company record all information manually as it do not have database management system.Limited stock and limited size of product. Thus, it may not satisfy the customer as they need to wait a long time until the new stock arrived.Limited style of product can not satisfied customer as they do not have other choice to choose.This company also lack of worker. There will be problem if there are a lot of customers at a time to handle.Too many manual process. When entering information manually, it takes up a lot of time, no matter how fast one can type or process information, it will never be as fast as it needs to be.OpportunityThis company should hire more staff to ensure that all business processes run faster and reliable,In order to gain more revenue, this company should join booth sales or event.To earn more income, the company should do paid advertising. With paid advertising, marketers pay the owner of ad space in exchange for use of that space.There is a networking between football boot sellers, where they passing the customer to other seller if they do not have the product request by the customer.Offer payment gateway. This is to ensure safe and streamlined transaction, online payment is utilized by merchants.ThreatThere are competitors that selling the same products for example: al- ikhsan and Bata.

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