Swot Analysis for Foxtel

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:10
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SWOT Analysis for Foxtel
The Foxtel has over 100 specialist channels for its subscribers. It has about 1.4million subscribers and thereby dominating the pay-television. Moreover, Foxtel sells its services to customers like motels and gyms ultimately reaching a number of clients of theirs. As a result, the advertisers are interested in using Foxtel since it has large market share and its services can be accessed in different places. Advertisers can target specific markets using pay-television. At the same time, the interactive services offered could also be a strength to Foxtel since it is not offered by free-to-air televisions.
It has been noticed that Foxtel is slow in adopting new technologies and features to differentiate its service from competitors. For example, the high-definition channels and downloadable movies are also offered by free-to-air television and other companies not in television industry.
The expected upgrade of interactive feature to full on-demand programming will help the Foxtel to differentiate its services and to attract more customers. In addition, the economic crisis hit by Australia in terms of losing jobs and falling consumer confidence allowed the business to promote its services via advertisements like, 'stay home and save with Foxtel'.

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