Swimwear - Research on the Target Market

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:57
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For most women, finding the perfect swimsuit is anything but glamorous.

Selecting one for your figure-type and individual style requires personal attention.

At Jenal Swimwear, this is our mission..

The population of Sydney as of June 2004 was 146,297. According to the 2004 edition of the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC). Australia's estimated resident population (ERP) at June 2004 was 20.1 million, an increase of 238,700 people compared with June 2003. This represents an annual growth rate of 1.2%, the same as the average annual growth rate for the five years to June 2004. Population growth in the Sydney SD in 2003-04 equated to an average increase of 640 people per week.

According to the ABS Sydney has a median age of 33

Women of all sizes want fashion choices that fit their bodies and their lifestyles. The average woman is a size 14 but most swimwear caters for smaller sizes!

What we are seeing in today's swimwear industry is;

* A limited range that caters for larger bust sizes

* Loose fit in the bra

* Limited opportunity to mix and match with sizes

Jenal swimwear aim to provide:

* Under-wire bra, which will come in cup sizes A through E

* a large range of swimwear that cater for larger busted women.

* The ability to mix and match pieces, therefore giving the customer the opportunity for a full breasted women to select a top that fits her own larger cup size, and combine that top with a small bottom, if that is her figure type.

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