Sweat Fire and Ethics

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:20
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        “Once immigrants arrived in the new countries they can face many difficulties, they may have to get a job, find a house, and learn a new language” (immigrant fact for kids/kidzsearch.com). Immigrants always have difficulties when they moved from their country and leave everything behind them. They lost their homes, jobs, and their culture. “Voice from the Field,” a book that was written by S. Beth Atkin described the life of an immigrant’s family who was working as a farmer in California when they first started their life here in U.S.A. in 1993. The book is important because it illustrates the suffering of immigrants’ children, social and economic problems in their lives. Migrants’ children face difficulty in their lives because of poverty, homesickness, rights violations.. The first issue,  migrants’ children suffer from poverty because they face many complications situations because of shortage of their income. For example, migrants’ children must work and study at the same time.  “It is hard to work and go to school at the same time” (Beth Atkin pg. 15). For some children, it is not easy to work and study all day long. They would be tired and that may affect their education performance. The other choice is to leave is to leave school and help their parents. “She knows dropped out of school to work in the fields with his father” (Beth Atkin Pg. 89). Other kind of suffering that immigrants’ children may face is living in an unsuitable house. “We share them with the other families on the property” (Beth Atkin Pg. 30).  Many families have small house or old and unhealthy ones.

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