Susan Wolf Assisited Suicide

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:23
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Category: Social Issues

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In life it is all ways a difficult thin g for someone you love to be in poor health. It is a misfortune that affects the victim as well as the victim's family and love ones. The misfortune of seeing a love one in pain, sick or disable is something that no wants to see any one go through but it does happen. One of the most hurtful feelings is to see a love one in a place less than great health and you as a sister, bother, daughter, son or even a wife or a husband feel as if there is nothing you can do to help or fix it. The feelings are insurmountable and often the love one spends days on days wondering if there is more that can be done. There for some time has been a question if helping a love one to die is wrong if that if a person ask you for help to end their own life are you in error for giving them assists. Is it not a person's free choice to end their life? Has a person's free choice been removed when they have been placed on life support and they wish to die? Is a person in unbearable pain really in the mind frame to choose life or death? All these questions are valid questions but to many if you help someone kill their self it is it is the same as murder and the act suggest that you have chosen to play God with some one's life. In some eyes is the person that is considering offering help in a stable state of mind. In my thought it is never alright to take some one's life. The last word in the regards to someone living should be left to the one who created us, God.
It would be a thought that Susan Wolf faced the same thoughts and feeling in reference to helping her father

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