Sunshine Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:33
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In my 3 weeks of duty in the community, I have encountered a lot of hardships and difficulties that was not entirely unexpected but, indeed, proved to be harmless.
First of all, I was anxious about the introduction of the new members of the group. I thought it would be hard to blend in with them, to be a part of their team, because they were, in the first place, a close knit group and I thought it would be hard to mingle with them. I was wrong. They were friendly and cooperative. They were able to absorb us and us them, as well. We had a lot of fun planning and implementing our strategies in the community and school projects.
Second was the workload. I thought that the paperworks would overwhelm us to the point that we would have to spend many countless nights just to get them done, what with the lectures, exams and such. But being with a very supportive clinical instructor and very cooperative and organized team members, my second apprehension about the community rotation was again wrong. The paperworks were evenly distributed, and finished early that our other concerns, be it academical, social or personal, was unharmed.

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