Summary of "health Canada Inadvertently Discloses Facts Planned Parenthood Would like to Suppress"

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:51
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In "Health Canada Inadvertently Discloses Facts Planned Parenthood Would Like to Suppress" (243) Ted Byfield argues that the realm of modern work conditions coupled with the quest for success is inadvertently taking precedence over producing intelligent offspring. Consequently, a serious population decline has been formulated, leading to negatively correlated effects on our global economy. After identifying Canada, the United states, Europe, and other countries as main culprits, Byfield brings forth the reality that this is a global pandemic. It is such a pandemic, Byfield asserts, that governments and organizations promoting the declination of fertility rates are largely ashamed of recognitive admittance. Furthermore, they're scarcely resolving the economically related disaster and incriminating the families who simply do not want to produce more offspring.
Byfield recognizes a study by Health Canada, which attests Canadians are working too hard, consequently stating that we prioritize work in exchange for our health, our social life, and our population replenishment. The author relays us the information that the study was conducted by Canadian professors, who concluded that the primary culprits (forty-percent) of non-reproducing women are in professional positions. Byfield suggests conclusively that these findings have profound implications; "the intelligence level of the next generation will surely decline"(243). In making this comment, Byfield frowns upon the limited production of offspring from those who are the best potential parents.

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