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Common name: Sugarcane
Scientific name: Saccharum spp
Species: Saccharum sponteneum(Cultivated species)
Saccharum officinarum
Saccharum barbari
Saccharum sinense
Saccharum robustum
Family: Gramineae (Poaceae)

Habit: Monocotyledons, perennial .Sometimes cultivated as annual herbs.

Root: Fibrous(fine thread like),Adventitious(root arising from any part of plant).It consist of two kinds of roots, namely "sett roots" and "shoot roots".

Stem: Cylindrical, composed of many distinct nodes and internodes. The above portion bears leaves and flowers, a small portion below ground called rootstalk. At each node there is a bud sometime known as 'eye' appearing on opposite sides of the cane. These buds are protected by leaf sheath which is tightly folded around the internodes.The stem diameter from 3-5cm and length 3-6m (9m max).

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