Sugar Metabolism Worksheet

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:02
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[pic 1]ASSESSMENT COVERSHEETSTUDENT DETAILSStudent ID27858154SurnameSumperosFirst NameMitzi MiriamASSESSMENT DETAILSUnit CodePHY2032Unit TitleEndocrine Control SystemsAssignment TitleSugar Metabolism WorksheetLecturer nameFarshad MansouriTutor’s name     Tutorial DayWednesday Tutorial Time2 PMHas any part of this assignment been previously submitted as part of another unit/course?           Y  ☐      N ☒Is this an authorised group assessment?                          Y  ☐      N -☒For group assessment, each student must attach their own signed coversheet to the assignmentDue Date12/8/2016Date Submitted12/8/2016EXTENSION OF WORKAll work must be submitted by the due date. For late assignment submission policy see: plagiarism or collusion amounts to cheating under Part 7 of the Monash University (Council) regulations.Plagiarism: Plagiarism means taking and using another person’s ideas or manner of expressing them and passing them off as one’s own.  For example, by failing to give appropriate acknowledgement.  The material used can be from any source (staff, students or the internet, published and unpublished works).Collusion: Collusion means unauthorised collaboration with another person on assessable written, oral or practical work and includes paying another person to complete all or part of the work.Where there are reasonable grounds for believing that intentional plagiarism or collusion has occurred, this will be reported to the Associate Dean (Education) or delegate, who may disallow the work concerned by prohibiting assessment or refer the matter to the Faculty Discipline Panel for a hearing.Client/Patient Confidentiality: Where a patient/client case study is undertaken informed consent from the individual/s studied must be obtained.  Care must be taken to ensure confidentiality is maintained at all times.  Failure to obtain a signed, original Consent Form or other unethical behaviour in the performance of a case study (such as putting the subject's real name on the report, or otherwise breaking confidentiality) will result in a mark of zero being given for the assignment. Consent form templates are available at:

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