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Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:00
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Group FnaticVu Duong Thanh NamPham Viet DungNguyen Bao KhanhHa Huy TuanSuccess of Trang Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, a student who had studied marketing in New South Wales University, Australia, has shared her story about studying oversea and the key to success when studying abroad. “Before I went to Australia, I was very confident with my English, especially my speaking skill. Despite my parents and teachers had noticed me about how the Australia’s culture is different, I was shocked. Everything was so new and strange, the education’s environment in here was completely different compared to Vietnam’s” she said. But that didn’t trouble Trang much. “After a period of time, I realized that the key to success in study wasn’t working hard only, but studying in a logical way. Student will face busy semesters with tons of homework and assignment. To end the semesters well, I had to research and complete my time and task management skills by my own”. She concluded: “Studying abroad is the way to accumulate knowledge and experience with me and other students, especially in a tough education’s environment. I feel that I am much mature than ever, also I am learned how to be energetic and confident. These skills will help me achieve life’s goal in the future!” Right now Trang is working for Initiative Company, Sydney, Australia with a lot of success.(Source: major advantages of studying abroad1. Widening knowledge  When students go abroad and study, they will have the change to widen their knowledge not only about the academic understanding but also others daily life comprehension. Students can also enrich their experiences while living in a totally different environment.2. Perfecting personality According to Mrs Tuong Nhi- Ceo of ATS, she said that she had personally witnessed tremendous changes in students after 3-4 years studying abroad.  They become more independent, self-confident and positive. Most of the students after the ' baptism of fire ' for several years while living away from home have become the “shining jewel”3. Ability to use foreign language fluently One thing is indisputable is that students graduate with a degree in foreign countries will have more confidence about the possibility of using their language fluently, which was built during the cord was studying and living in foreign.4. Development in professional skills and soft skills The specialized training in advanced educational environment with internship programs will help student improve their academic knowledge and skills. Social activities and community development at the University will help students develop professional skills and soft skills such as communication skills, leadership, adapting to the change, solve problems, work in groups, etc. in an optimal way.5. The opportunity of getting a job globally  Most countries accept international students allow students to have the opportunity to stay and work in their countries after graduation if the company issues guarantees.

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