Subprime Tsunami on Indian Shores: Crisis Hits Icici

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:13
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CASE ANALYSIS: Subprime Tsunami on Indian Shores: Crisis hits ICICIName: Rishabh ManglaRoll no: 16DCP – 101                                       Section: BWhat type of case is it?Problem Case:The case tells about the problem being faced by the ICICI bank and the circumstances that led to it. Then the case elaborates upon the steps taken by the bank to solve the problem. The case also provides an elaborated description of the events occurred, providing an unbiased outlook to the readers.The case also analyzes the situation by stating the causes, measures taken and the aftereffects of the measures. Each episode has been depicted with the cause and the events taking place at the same time. Cause and result relationship that has been displayed for each of the occasions provide the readers a clarity about the case. Thus it can be said that it is a Problem Case.What type of Crisis was ICICI facing? Explain. Structure: A brief overview of the case followed by the steps taken by ICICI and then analysis and what more could they have done to limit the damage.In the year 2008, the American financial market was in a turmoil and caused the decline of multiple big corporations. One such company was The Lehman Brothers, a substantial Wall Street investment bank, and in the storm the investment bank collapsed, which sent shock-waves throughout the world and dried up the confidence of the investors. And that affected the banks with connection with the complex financial instruments of the Lehman Brothers.

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