Style, Approach, and Tone of Campaign Paper

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:05
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Style, Approach, and Tone of Campaign
The campaign style, approach and tone needs to reflect the objectives, personality, and image for Paradise Island. The approach of the campaign will be developed to communicate that Baderman Island is an all inclusive resort destination, boasting three main hotels to serve its guest. Paradise Island also has many diverse activities that range from museums, to golf, to fine dining, activities for the entire family. The approach needs to be fresh and current offering a vacation package that is right for anyone during any season.
In conclusion, a strategic advertising plan can provide any business organization with a marketing advantage in order to create sales opportunities. For businesses in the travel industry, an advertising plan is an effective tool to highlight the romantic getaway segment of the travel industry. In the case of Paradise Island, the identification of the advertising objective, target market, and perceived strengths and weaknesses are all critical elements needed to execute the advertising plan. It is only through the advertising plan that businesses can also identify the role and impact of advertising for the selected market. This is especially true for Paradise Island and the romantic getaways they offer to targeted couples.

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