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Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:03
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[pic 1]FORM FOR THE SUBMISSION OF ASSESSED COURSEWORKStudent Number   (5 digit number)17298UsernameXZ17298Unit CodeECONM1023Unit TitleStudying ManagementStudying Management AssignmentBy submitting this work online using my unique log-in and password, I hereby confirm that this work is entirely my own. I understand that all marks are provisional until ratified by the Faculty Examination Board.Title: Critically discuss the pros and cons of a bureaucratic approach towards managing contemporary organizations. Use a case study of your choice to illustrate your pointsUnite Title: Studying ManagementWord Count: 3253Candidate Number: 17298Introduction Bureaucracy is generally concerned with the task of administration and begins to spread from a few political /religious domains into government and public services, as economies become larger and more complex; it appears in private enterprises as well. The theory of bureaucracy was first formally developed by Max Weber, a German sociologist, philosopher and political economist who showed the particular concerns on “bureaucratic structures” and advocated the establishment of hierarchies, specialized division of labor, fixed and formal competence in organizations, building strong lines of authority and control with impersonality. He also emphasized the necessity of bureaucratic forms of organizations in the modern economy based on its technical efficiency and rational-legal authority (Weber, 1964). The heavy infusions of bureaucracy in organizations arose in the early 20th century due to the increased size and scope of enterprises with more administrative difficulties (Crozier, 2009). However, the external environment changed considerably in the 1980 due to the removal of boundaries and opened markets, driving the term of bureaucracy gradually act as the critique with “red-tape” and represent dozens of negative effects such as inflexibility, alienation, and low commitment because the industrial environment has changed, making bureaucracy supposedly unsuitable and difficult to quickly changing and highly demanding features of contemporary organizations (Adler, 1999). Thus, currently, bureaucracy structure has sparked off great concerns about whether it is still effective and useful for contemporary organizations. This assignment aims to critically discuss the pros and cons of a bureaucratic approach towards managing contemporary organizations. The work begins by analyzing elements and identifying the benefits of bureaucracy. Then the criticisms and arguments will be made through critical perspectives. Later some particular types of organizations that may suit bureaucratic management structures in the contemporary environment would be pointed out; this is followed by a case study of Turkish Airlines which currently uses bureaucratic control methods. Lastly, some future recommendations about bureaucracy and the conclusion will bring it to an end.

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