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Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:05
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Name: Alexandra JaraMY GREATEST SUCCESS SO FARINTRODUCTION Thesis Statement:  I consider that studying abroad is the greatest success I have had in life so far since it helped me in different aspects of my life, I became more open-minded, confident, but most importantly, I understood the incredible importance that family and friends have.BODY PARAGRAPH Body paragraph 1Topic Sentence 1: Going and living in a complete new country broaden my vision of the world.Main idea 1: On my first day in America, not only did I meet local students, but international students as well.Detail: There were students from China, Ukraine, Canada, Korea, and so on.Main idea 2: Getting to know all those cultural differences was mind-blowing and being exposed to all of them made me more open-minded.Detail: By the end of the academic exchange, I am pretty sure that every single one of us had become more understanding with each other countries and were amazed with our differences. Body paragraph 2Topic Sentence 2: Studying abroad also help me to boost my self-confidence.Main idea 1: I was living in an English speaking country and it helped develop my skills.Detail: I had to take 4 classes in English and we had assignments every single week, but that was okay with it.Main idea 2: Almost at the end of the semester, I also had presentations and being in front of a whole English speaking class, which help me a lot with my communication skillsDetail: During the first presentation, I was really nervous, but my professors’ reassuring words, I could successfully finish all of them.

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