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Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:17
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from the Stanford Global Supply Ghain Management
Forum suggests that better measurement systems, new
models, and greater emphasis on the social side of the
equation can help to advance supply chain responsibility
to the next level.
We've Come a Long Way
The Forum recently reviewed the SER practices found in
the supply chains of 20 leading companies. (See accompanying
sidebar on "About the Research.") Looking
across the entire value chain, we examined what social
and environmental activities those companies have
implemented within their product design and development
(including end-of-life), sourcing, manufacturing/
operations, and logistics areas.
One way to understand where we are today is to think
of SER supply chain activities along a continuum that has
three distinct stages, as depicted in Exhibit 1. We describe
companies at the first stage as ''Good Gitizens"--they
make an effort to comply with existing rules and regulations.
Although vigilant in their efforts to follow the rules,
most don't attempt to move beyond the status quo. The
hallmark of this stage is a strong emphasis on compliance.

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