Student Learning Goals Worksheet

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:49
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Student Learning Goals Worksheet
Directions: The following set of questions asks you to account for and evaluate the skillsets you
already possess and will develop further develop over the course of the semester. You
are expected to advance individually and to make contributions to your team in three
 writing Technologies and Media
 Writing and Research Processes
 Social Networking Skills
At the beginning of the course, your instructors will assist you in answering those
questions that fall under each skill set areas. At the end of the course, you will be asked
to review your initial answers to these questions and assess your growth in these skill set
You will receive credit for filling out this form. This form will not be used to evaluate you
for a major grade; your instructors will use it to place you with an appropriate community
partner, based your responses and their responses to the community partner assessment
form. You and your instructors will also use this form to reflect on your skill set
development throughout the course.
Community Partner Preferences:
List your top three choices of community partners to work with this semester. For each
one, be sure to include a sentence or two explaining why you think you would be a good

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