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Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:21
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The CVS's existing pharmacy fulfillment process had serious problems with customer service. However, this process increases customer waiting times and creates angry customers especially during busy pick-up times. Some of the fulfillment problems that are encountered at CVS pharmacy include:
1. Nobody watching in-store drop-off window.
We decided to implement some changes to this process and alter the drop-off, data entry, production and quality assurance steps. The changes will reduce the problems that occur especially during the pick-up times and improve customer satisfaction at CVS while keeping the safety and health of its customers the company's number one priority.
1. Drop-Off
1.1. Staff and technicians need to keep the drop-off window constantly monitored:
To constantly monitor the drop-off window, we will create a work station for the staff and technicians by the drop-off window and provide them with all the required resources to get their work done very close to the drop-off station so they will not need to leave the area. This an important change because it ensures that someone is available to help and welcome customers as soon as they approach the pharmacy.

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