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Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:13
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First of all were going to identify stress, what causes them, and what are the outcomes or the results of stress. Stress is a response to demands that has certain stakes that tax or exceeds a person's capacity or resources. What causes the stress are "Stressors"- which are the demands that causes people to experience stress. Finally, what are the outcomes or results of the stress? The results are called strains- which are negative consequences that occur when the demand tax or exceeds a persons capacity. There are two types of stressors an employee can face; hindrance stressors and challenge stressors. Hindrance Stressors are demands that are perceived as hindering progress towards a goal attainment. Examples of Hindrance work stressors are; Role conflict, Role ambiguity, Role overload, and Daily hassles. The second type of stressors is challenge stressor. Challenge stressors are stressful demands that are perceived as opportunity for growing, learning, and achievement. They seem to be more personal than the hindrance stressors. Examples of work challenge stressors are; Time pressure, Work complexity, and work responsibility. Both Stressors (Hindrance and Challenge stressors) can also appear in non-work situations, they can affect you outside work too. Examples of non-work hindrance stressors are; work-family conflict, negative life events, and financial uncertainty. Secondly, examples of non-work challenge stressors; Family time demands, personal development, and positive life events. About every company faces these problems (stress), sometimes it out of their hands and they can't do anything to deal with it. Whether a company likes it or not, employees will face stressors weather its inside work or outside. People can deal or cope with stress and there a re a couple of ways to do so. The first way is Behavioral coping, which are the set of physical activities that are used to deal with stressful situations. The second way is Cognitive coping, which are the thoughts that are involved in trying to deal with a stressful situation. Working harder, seeking assistance, and acquiring additional resources are all examples of Behavioral coping. While in the other hand, Cognitive coping include; strategizing, self-motivation, and changing priorities. As we mentioned before, strains are the consequence that takes place when the demand exceeds a person's capacity. There are 3 types of strains an employee in our company can face. Firstly, Physiological strains which can cause illness, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, headache, back pain, and stomachache. Secondly, psychological strains which can cause depression, anxiety, irritability, forgetfulness, inability to think clearly, and reduced confidence. Thirdly, Behavioral strains which can lead to alcohol, drugs, teeth grinding, compulsive behaviors, and over eating. In order to reduce or even eliminate stress our company (kncc) offers employees social support. Which

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