Strategic Use of Information Technology

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:10
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Strategic Use of Information Technology


Throughout our country's rich history it's been proven that consistent technological advancements as well as their successful and strategic deployment have been imperative to the successful operations and production of businesses worldwide. Regardless the business you find yourself, consistently improving and updating information systems with new and improved technology helps businesses gain a competitive advantage or at least ensures that business the ability to continue operations and production. In this paper, I will explain the information systems and the different types of technology used for processing applicants for service into the branches of the military by the Military Entrance Processing stations throughout this country.

Table of Contents
Strategic Deployment 3
Economic Impact 4
Recommendations 5

Strategic Use of Information Technology
First I need to explain the overall concept or in military terms mission of MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Stations), then I will cover how the current economic trends in this society have affected business at the MEPS and finally I will give some personal recommendations that if added, could make the processing flow more smoothly. There are sixty five MEPS throughout the country to include Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii, all of which fall under the authority of USMEPCOM. Each MEPS consist of sections, each with their own specific tasks: Processing, Medical, Testing, Headquarters section and Liaisons who perform services specific to each branch of the military (Army, Navy, Army National Guard, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard). There are managers for each section in each MEPS, some civilian and others military members. I am the manager in charge of the processing section.

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