Stone Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:05
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In geology, stones are known as rocks. Stones are generally classified by mineral and chemical composition, by the type of the constituent particles and by the process that formed the stones.
Stones have been used as the building materials for thousands of years. This is because stones have great durability, stronger strength, cheap and naturally good looking. Different kinds of stones are being selected based on the following criteria to be used as the building materials:
1. Chemical composition of stones
The chemical properties and composition of stones must be tested and verified because different elements and compounds in stones have different properties. For instance, magnesium in limestone causes it to be stronger and is called Dolomite. Whereas presence of Mica, even less than 2-3% makes stones unsuitable for building purposes. Stones with silicate as cement materials are resistant to weathering.

2. Strongness and hardness
The more compact grained and heavier a stone, the stronger it is. The strongness and hardness of stones are depending on the following factors:
a. Hardness and softness of the components
Stones containing silicon, sodium, potasium are poor while that containing magnesium, calcium, and iron are good, as they are harder. If the stone is composed of soft and unhardened materials, it will result in a soft material and vice versa.

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