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Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:47
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Howard Shultz was in the coffee bean business and he had an idea. His company received beans from various farmers and would then process the beans for consumption. Receiving the beans from the growers was a difficult process, as the beans changed hands many times before arriving at the processing plant and many uncontrollable external factors came into play for success. For a successful harvest, the coffee trees depended on perfect weather conditions, the overall health of the tree, harvesting practices, and the many social, political, regulatory, and economic environments in the hosting country that the harvests were collected from. Any one of the previous factors could devastate the harvest for that year and greatly increase coffee prices. This was quite concerning to people in the coffee business but, Schultz had an idea to make coffee a way of life for everyday consumers. Schultz wanted to create a business that gave people an opportunity interact with other people and enjoy a good cup of specialty coffee made the way they wanted. However, his current employer was not supportive, so Shultz left and created his own business.
Schultz had learned about the current trends towards specialty coffee wanted by consumers. People were looking for a drink that replaced alcohol and a friendly place to meet and interact with family, friends, and peers. He also knew people perceived coffee as an affordable luxury and was becoming more knowledgeable about the coffee beans he worked with his entire life.
Shultz created his own coffee house that provided his customers with a new opportunity for drinking coffee. He focused on the above objectives and became successful enough to buy out the current Starbucks Coffee producer. Schultz followed his dream and dedication to make his business one of the most recognized brands in the world.
Starbucks is currently pursuing some very good marketing ideas. With PepsiCo, Inc., Starbucks is marketing a ready-to-drink iced Frappuccino. Starbucks and PepsiCo have come together to help each other market their products and create brand equity. Other companies that have partnered with Starbucks include "United Airlines, Nordstrom, Barnes and Noble" (Kachra, 1997). Starbucks has also created an online café store, new methods and equipment for roasting coffee, and mail orders for rural customers.

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