Standards Embedded in Technology - Different Perspectives and Approaches

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:31
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Standards embedded in technology/different perspectives and approachesUsing Technology and Constituting Structures: A Practice Lens for Studying Technology in Organizations. this paper, they illustrate, that people adopt different technologies-in-practice even if the technology was the same according to their various technological visions, skills, fears and abilities, because of specific understanding and different past experience or practices. The technology in practice are structures enacted through the recurrent use of technology, it means that they are focused on ongoing and situated interactions that users have with the technology. Therefore researchers suppose, that companies should be looking for return on the use of technology, rather than just returns on the technology.[pic 1]THE EMBEDDEDNESS OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS HABITS IN ORGANIZATIONAL AND INDIVIDUAL LEVEL ROUTINES: DEVELOPMENT AND DISRUPTION?????2) In this paper, researchers demonstrated the importance of having the right user attitude and knowledge in order to be able to use the system effectively and efficiently. Arguably, choosing the right people to fill the user role is more important than possessing the required skills, as skills can be acquired later. They found factors that had influenced the adoption negatively include: system usefulness, response time, technical support, empathy of service quality, user perception and user skills. Factors contributing to the positive adoption include: information relevancy, user attitude, leadership, medical sponsorship, organizational readiness, clinical process and external communication with the inter-organizational system.[pic 2]Material aspect of technology or materiality 1)The Materiality of Technology: An Affordance Perspective Samer Faraj and Bijan AzadIn this paper, they proposed the technology affordance lens as a way to bring materiality back in and as a theoretical lens for studying the sociomaterial connections. Therefore they summarize deep problems in the dominant organizational conceptualizations of technology as commensurate bundles of features and products. Analysis suggests that in the push to develop/theorize the construct of technology, extant research has cast aside crucial issues about material aspects of technology in use. The researchers explored affordance perspective as a promising avenue to bring materiality back into organizational studies of technology and evaluate how it has been used in the organizational literature.

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