Stakeholder Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:24
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1. Stakeholder analysis of The Last Resort Ltd and its three major stakeholders.
The organization that we have selected is Last Resort Ltd. an adventure service provider of Nepal.
The Last Resort in Nepal was founded in 1999, after scouting the Nepal- Tibet border area intensively for the perfect place to build an adventure resort. The present location, on top of the steep Bhote Koshi River gorge, was finally chosen because of the almost unlimited possibilities for the many kinds of adventure sports and its tremendous natural beauty.
A model of Stakeholders Relationships:
All the possible stakeholders of The Last Resort Ltd have been shown with the help of given diagram.

The three most important stakeholders are as follows:
1. Clients:
Almost in any business venture customers/clients are given the utmost priority. Clients are the one who receives output or services from the company. The Last Resort Ltd. is a service organization providing adventure services to the clients. The organization's overall objectives are focused towards our customers to be a no 1 adventure service provider in Nepal. The overall business depends upon the different adventure needs and wants of the prospective clients. The overall packages needs to be build considering their needs. Clients are the only source of revenue and growth of our overall business, so one of the most important stakeholders of Last Resort Ltd. is clients. An organization must have satisfied customers to meet the overall objectives.

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