Sport Activities in Slovenia: The Example of Different Spa Center

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:38
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In the last decade the connection between sports and tourism has increased dramatically. There has been an increased interest for active vacations therefore nowadays sport tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tourism industry. By going through different classifications and categories of sport tourism we notice there are three broad categories that are in common to all of them and that describe the essence of sport tourism: 1) "event sport tourism" where participants travel to watch sport, (2) "nostalgia sport tourism" where participants visit sports related attractions (3) "the active sport tourism" where participants travel to take part in sport. The third case is the one that represents the most direct link between sport and the tourist. Visitors' demands, which are strongly related to sport activities, are often based on activities in nature and on Spa tourism. Slovenian Spas try to adapt to modern trends in tourism and therefore they offer sports activities as the form of recreation programs, relaxation programs, daily trips and sport events. We can identify four basic factors that determinate the demand of sport activities by the consumer: attractiveness and diversity of the offer, good name and reputation of the offered products, the experience of something different and the opportunity to take over an admired identity.

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