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Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:24
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1. How is the introduction of the Green Plane a socially responsible act?

The green plane is a socially responsible act because Southwest is using recycled material that is better for the environment. They are using recyclable material for the seat covers and when they need to be replaced they can recycle them back to the company they purchased from. The carpets have been changed from long sections to smaller square pieces; this makes it easier and more cost effective to replace just the area that needs it.

In making these changes, Southwest is securing jobs for its employees. If it costs less to operate and maintain an aircraft, these savings can be passed on to customers via lower ticket prices which means more people will fly.

2. Which approach to social responsibility does Southwest take (obstructionist, defensive, accommodative, or proactive)? Explain why you think so.
Southwest is being proactive by going green. Proactive approach is described in our text book as: "Companies and their managers actively embrace socially responsible behavior, going out of their way to learn about the needs of different stakeholder groups and using organizational resources to promote the interests of all stakeholders." (George & Jones, 2011, pp 133) Although they have to answer to their shareholders, being proactive will help provide a better life for their employees who make the business run smoothly. By looking out for their employees, they could be influencing a better community.
3. Why should an organization be socially responsible?
If a company is socially responsible this will help build their reputation and their business will grow. If a company chooses this path, it will overflow onto their employees who will see the rewards for doing right and the consequences of doing wrong. (George & Jones, 2011, pp 133)

George, J., Jones, G. (2011). Contemporary Management (7th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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