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Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:03
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The reliability of Watkins' memories of the Civil War is fairly good. Granted, yes, because these memoirs are written later on in life the accuracy of the events told in this book may not be one hundred percent, however, in my opinion, I feel that his memories are remembered well enough to be considered true.
While Watkins was in Corinth he remembered that a law that was passed by the Confederate States Congress called the conscript act. "A soldier had no right to volunteer and to choose the branch of service he preferred. He was conscripted. Also, that another law was passed by the Confederate States Congress around the same time as the conscription act, allowing every person who owned twenty Negroes to go home." (Watkins 31)...Many people across the country associate the rise in violent crimes committed by teens in society today, with the ever-growing popularity of violent video games such as Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, Halo and Grand Theft Auto. These types video games are extremely violent and goorie in nature, and even contain sexually explicit content. The contents of theses video games combined with the fact that they are designed in many ways to have teens virtually participate in the behaviors depicted, have fueled debates of their effects for over two decades. But despite the graphic nature of these video games, I think it is irresponsible and dangerous to associate the escalading violent behaviors and crimes of teens, with something meant to be a form of entertainment. There are many factors that contribute to the fact that our society as a whole, is growing more obsessed with sex and violence by the minute, and although I admit that having our youth constantly surrounded by these things isn't ideal, ultimately the responsibility of shaping the morality of our youth is the responsibility of good parents and a positive community.

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