Soup & Pasta Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:47
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1. Company Overview:
The Mission of the company is: "To be recognized as a leading provider of culinary solutions with authentic homemade taste".
The values are: Partnership, Cultural Diversity, Customer Satisfaction, Stay Ahead, Results Oriented, and Enthusiasm. "OneteamGo!"

2. What is ONETEAMGO!
There is not too much information about it but clearly looks like this company has started a deep transformational process, we don't know what is the previous situation and very few about the background of this family owned company. The chance looks like necessary due a "post cultural merge" requirement.
According the case, Antoni Oller, the African BU manager has asked Enrique to create a high performance team, driven by results. In the other hand, the General Manager decides to implement the OneteamGo! mission's values within the company.
OneteamGo! tries to put in practice answers to day to day basis decisions, implement this values is a requirement to go from words to actions: Partnership, Cultural Diversity, Customer Satisfaction, Stay Ahead, Results Oriented, and Enthusiasm looks like highly practical and easily measurable.
I detect as a target "the Look for Potential Synergies" within the business unit, so make this happen trough cooperation is a must.
In fact, Manager of the Africa BU complains about this lack of interaction, addressing it as problem that has to be fixed. So the question is why he is probably reluctant to develop OneteamGo!? Persuade Antoni to adopt management by mission as a way to generate his team's synergies.

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