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Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:55
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I am applying for this role as I want a career in supply chain management and logistics. For any business the supply chain and logistics forms the backbone of the effective functioning and thus it is an area of extreme importance.
Being a master in business administration majoring in supply chain management gave me the necessary qualification and expertise required to effectively fit into the role and excel in the area.
Global supply chain management also gave me a holistic picture of global standards and knowledge beyond the confined area of country specific functions.
I come from an engineering background with a B.E. degree in electronics and communication , being an engineer gave me an analytical bent of mind and the ability to analyse minute details and perform any function with best utilisation of resources and optimal performance. In my engineering days I had an inclination for practical application of the various phenomenon's and that has so far been the passion for me to apply my learning to real life situations.
I have worked in the merchant navy for close to two years and had the opportunity to visit various countries in the course of it. At a young age this provided me with a great working experience as I came into contact with various people from different backgrounds which greatly enhanced my interpersonal skills also it provided me a on hand experience of the business as it runs for the shipping and logistics companies.

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