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Admission: Fall (2008)
Specialization: M.S - Industrial Technology

Statement of purpose

Mechanical engineering is ubiquitous and innate in nature. From an infant walking on his feet to the great achievement of the "pathfinder" crawling on the surface of mars, it has spanned from the simplest to the most complex. My predilection to this field of study is because of its immense diversity in applications and the range of complexities it possesses I have been ignited with the idea of leaving an impression on the current developments by contributing something substantial. I started to visualize the most complex of systems as a mere amalgamation of simpler mechanisms. Fascinated by how machines work and my dream to be a part of the elite group who create them, this thought has provoked me to take up Mechanical Engineering as my majors in the under graduate study.

During my undergraduate years, I built a solid foundation in the basic areas of mechanical engineering notably Fluid Mechanics, Production Technology, Thermo Dynamics, Automobile Engineering, and Machine Design. In addition, I made concentrated efforts in understanding the intricacies of the subjects in deeper ways.

The college has arranged for industrial visits to Bharat Heavy Electricals limited (BHEL) and Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT). This visits provided a bird eye view of the implementation of various technologies. The Technology in the design of compressors, and its functioning had caught my attention. To know more I am doing my final year project titled Computational analysis of centrifugal compressor components.

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